TOP 8 Cuckoo Rice Cooker Reviews Of 2024 – Tried & Tested

Many Americans don’t realize how many people in the world eat rice daily. Out of 6 billion people, at least 5 billion of them eat rice daily or regularly. That’s a lot of rice and that’s a lot of rice cookers.

Ever since the first electric rice cooker was available in 1955, manufacturers have been refining and upgrading the original specifications.

In my opinion, the Cuckoo brand of Korean rice cookers is the best available today.

Large capacity or small, standard model or pressurized, there are many choices and features available from Cuckoo that other manufacturers just don’t offer.

8 Best Cuckoo Rice Cookers

Which Is the Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker?

Best Korean Rice Cookers By Cuckoo Reviews

Each of these amazing kitchen appliances has its own unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Look for these in my unbiased reviews.

6 Cup capacity (uncooked) – 3.0 litre/3.2 quart – Model # CRP-P0609S

Best Pressure Rice Cooker
  • Programmable Pressure Rice Cooker
  • X-wall diamond coated aluminum inner pot
  • Stainless steel detachable inner lid
  • Intelligent cooking algorithm
  • Included Rice Spatula & Rice Measuring Cup
  • High level for cooking grains or want sticky rice. Low level for cooking freshly harvested rice or don’t want sticky rice

I’ll start with my favorite pick.

Cuckoo Smart Algorithm DSP technology

This pressure rice cooker features Cuckoo’s very own smart cooking algorithm, making it cook every type of rice (including GABA) to perfection every time.

Cooking Rice Is Only One of the Options

Because you can pressure cook in this thing, you can make much more than just rice, including:

  • Fermenting yogurt and cheese
  • Cook soup and porridge
  • Make sushi rice
  • Bake bread

Special Water Drainage System

This model collects excess water vapors during and after cooking to not only cook rice co perfection but also prevent mold, odors, and bacteria to form in both the cooker and the food.

Self Cleaning

Deep cleaning your rice cooker is just a simple push of a button away.

Once you start the program, the rice cooker shoots jets of steam to clean and sanitize the interior.

Intelligent Voice Navigation

You can talk to it in English, Chinese, or Korean just like you would to Alexa.

Safety First

It has tons of safety measures aimed at both you and the machine. These include:

  • Pressure control device
  • Secondary pressure release
  • Lock checking device
  • Reed switch
  • Thermal fuse
  • 2-layer steam cap

Say Goodbye to Leaking Steam

The inner pot is sealed not once, but twice.

Not only is steam unable to enter the inner pot but it also helps seal in the food’s juices and flavor.

  • Versatile
  • Offers pressure cooking
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Voice navigation
  • Tons of safety features
  • The cord is not retractable

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6 Cup capacity (uncooked) – 3.0 litre/3.2 quart – Model # CR-0631F

Best Micom
  • Prepare perfect GABA, mixed rice, porridge, and more. LCD display with 10 menu options including, Multi Cook, Multigrain, Steam, etc.
  • Faster, Smarter Cooking: Features Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Cooking Algorithm
  • Professional Quality
  • We went the extra mile to ensure our electric rice cooker is as safe as it is easy to use!
  • Trusted Brand

This micom model offers an amazing price-to-performance ratio and can outperform some more expensive models while maintaining its simplicity.

Attractive Simplistic Design

If the model above seems a bit too much for you and you want a basic rice cooker model, then this is the one.

With its electric heating place, Teflon-coated aluminum inner pot, and a few cooking functions, it doesn’t get any simpler than this.

Spec and feature-wise, it’s pretty much the same as the 0351F reviewed below except it has a bigger capacity.

Auto Steam Clean

Just like the P0609S above, this one can also clean itself.

The Control Panel

The control panel consists of an LCD display and several cooking options:

  • Glutinous rice
  • GABA
  • Turbo glutinous rice
  • Mixed/brown rice
  • Porridge

with some additional special functions:

  • “Turbo” function speeds up the cooking process
  • “Slow” cooking mode enables you to cook tender food well
  • “My mode” lets you manually set the time, degree of softness and stickiness, etc.
  • Versatile
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable and reliable
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Does not come with a steam basket
  • The display could be bigger

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6 Cup capacity (uncooked) – 3.0 litre/3.2 quart – Model # CRP-DHSR0609FD

Best for Sticky Rice
  • Fully programmable, complete with a blue LCD display 14-cooking functions
  • Hassle-free cooking is simple with fuzzy logic and the intelligent cooking algorithm
  • Professional Quality X-wall diamond-coated inner bowl
  • We went the extra mile to ensure our electric rice cooker is as safe as it is easy to use!
  • Trusted Brand
  • Included Components: Rice Scoop
  • Voice navigation for Korean, English, and Chinese

Enhance your experience in the kitchen and level up your cooking skill with this pressure rice cooker combo.

Your Personal Kitchen Assistant

Communicate with it in either Korean, Chinese, or English.

The touch screen control panel is complete with a large blue LCD display and 14 different cooking functions.

It does all of the cooking calculations for you with its fuzzy logic and intelligent cooking algorithm. This is why your rice is always juicy and fluffy.

Teflon-Free Inner Coating

The inner bowl is coated with Cuckoos’ very own X-wall diamond coating that’s free from Teflon and other harmful substances.

Not only that, but the heat is more evenly distributed across the entire surface.

It’s completely nonstick, scratch resistant, and super easy to clean.

Safety First!

It has tons of safety features that increase the lifespan of the cooker and prevent you from burning yourself when checking the rice during or after cooking.

One notable safety feature is the alarm it sounds when it’s overheating.

Built to Last

The safety functions, stainless steel design, and diamond coating make this rice cooker one of the most durable models on this list.

  • Induction heating
  • Durable
  • Lots of safety and cooking features
  • Highly versatile
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Attractive look
  • High price tag

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3 Cup capacity (uncooked) – 1.5 litre/1.6 quart – Model # CRP-EHSS0309FG

Best for Brown Rice
  • Featuring Fuzzy Logic and Intelligent Cooking Algorithm
  • Fully programmable and complete with a blue LED screen and touch selection menu, our rice maker is your personal kitchen assistant!
  • Designed for Safety
  • Boasting a full stainless Eco 2.0 interior and ventilation system
  • With voice navigation and a non-stick coating for effortless cleaning

A great choice for a loner, couple, or anyone else that has a small kitchen with little to no room to spare.

No More Guesswork

With the fuzzy logic intelligent cooking algorithm, the rice cooker automatically detects the type of rice you’re cooking.

It automatically makes the necessary changes in temperature, moisture, and time to cook rice to perfection every time.

It Cleans Itself

Like many others on this list, this one also has the ability to clean itself with a simple push of a button.


Having the capacity of 3 cups of uncooked rice, the CRP-EHSS0309FG takes very little space as it measures only 15 x 11 x 10 inches.

Elegant, Futuristic Design

This one looks like something from a futuristic movie:

  • A shiny combination of black, silver, and beige color
  • LCD control panel with a touch selection menu
  • Voice navigation menu in English, Chinese, and Korean

Premium Inner Build Quality

The inner pot is built to last and the same goes for the nonstick coating which isn’t regular Teflon but X-wall diamond.

More Safety Features Than Your Computer

The engineers at Cuckoo went the extra mile to make sure your rice cooker will last you for decades and have implemented a lot of safety features, including:

  • Remaining Pressure Emitting Device
  • Automatic Steam Emission Device
  • Lock Checking Device
  • Lid Locking Device
  • Non-Revertible Safety Device
  • Sensor for 3-Dimensional Warming
  • Auto Temperature Controlling Device
  • Pressure Control Device
  • Secondary Pressure Release Device
  • Soft Steam Cap
  • Magnetic Safety Sensor
  • Thermal Fuse
  • Malfunction Indicator
  • Circuit Board Fuse
  • Blocking Protection Cover
  • Electric Current Fuse
  • Alarm for Overheating
  • Slow Open Mechanism
  • Secondary Detachable Cover Detector
  • Inner Pot Detection Device
  • Versatile
  • Cool design
  • Amazing performance
  • Durable and reliable
  • Compact
  • Fuzzy logic
  • So high tech that there is a learning curve

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6 Cup capacity (uncooked) – 1 litre/1.5 quart – Model # CR-0655F

Best Cheap
  • Electric rice cooker
  • 6 cups Uncooked 1. 08 liters/ 1. 5 quarts
  • Non-stick coating inner pot
  • Inner Pot Material: Aluminium
  • Fuzzy Logic & intelligent cooking algorithm
  • AC120V / 60hz
  • Special non-stick Teflon coating helps make sure your rice does not burn and stick

This one is perfect for a family to use and will last forever.

Remarkably Simple to Use

I like this model because it is so simple to operate. Small batches of rice or other ingredients can be easily prepared with a push of a button.

If you’ve never owned a rice cooker before and want something simple to start with, this is a great choice. Nothing could be easier to learn how to use it and make perfect rice every time.

Your family and friends will think you’re a genius chef! Don’t be surprised if this opens up a whole new world of cuisines and recipes.

A Great Gift!

The most basic model available from Cuckoo is a great wedding present or housewarming gift for novice cooks and pro chefs alike.

Made for Both Home and Commercial Use

Durable and made for beginners through to expert chefs, this is an excellent way to make great rice.

  • Lightweight – Easy for table use
  • Non-stick coated inner pan
  • Warmer setting
  • Easy One-switch operation
  • Takes a little longer than other rice cookers from this list to cook rice

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3 Cup capacity (uncooked) – 1.5 litre/1.6 quart – Model # CR-0351

Best 3 Cup
Cuckoo CR-0351F
  • AC120V / 60hz
  • 3 Cups Uncooked (1.5 Liters / 1.6 Quarts)
  • Non-Stick Coating Inner Pot
  • Fuzzy Logic & Intelligent Cooking Algorithm

For cooks who want more choices in cooking rice and other foodstuffs, this is another great choice.

Highly Versatile

I like this one because it can prepare more foods than just rice, which makes it a real kitchen multi-tasker.

Able to Cook Many Varieties of Rice

This rice cooker takes cooking to the next level with many additional features.

For more accomplished rice chefs, this rice pot satisfies the basic need for cooking and keeping rice warm, while moving up a level to timed cooking, as well as cooking brown rice and sticky rice, which can be a bit challenging.

The Turbo cooking function does speed up the cooking cycle. The menu panel is easy to read and navigate.

  • Lightweight – Easy for table use
  • Non-stick coated aluminum inner pan
  • Settings for Sticky rice, GABA rice & Brown rice
  • Turbo cooking functions
  • Menu panel for easy cooking
  • Not pressurized for cooking tougher meats or vegetables
  • No steamer basket included

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6 Cup capacity (uncooked) – 3.0 litre/3.2 quart – Model # CRP-FA0610

Best for Basmati Rice
Cuckoo CRP-FA0610F
  • HP (Heating Plate) Programmable Pressure Cooker
  • 6 Cups Uncooked (3 Liters / 3.2 Quarts)
  • X-Wall Diamond Coated Inner Pot
  • Fuzzy Logic & Intelligent Cooking Algorithm
  • AC120V / 60hz

This is a perfect size pressurized rice pot for a family to use.

Great for Both Large and Small Batches

Large enough to handle a whole chicken or rack of ribs and small enough to make economical amounts of rice or vegetables for times when there are only a couple of people to feed.

Complex Design, Simple to Use

This cooker includes all the features a modern pressure cooker offers while keeping the operating menu simple.

Simplifies Your Life in the Kitchen

Meals can be placed inside the cooker before you leave and with the delayed timing feature, cook it on a timer so that dinner is ready just in time when you get home.

With a pressurized rice cooker, a chef can make many more delicious dishes without having to dirty a bunch of pots and pans.

I think this option works well for couples and small families that want to keep the cooking simple but elevated.

Preparing breakfast oatmeal or tenderizing meat is easily accomplished along with keeping food warm for extended periods without drying out.

Not Just for Rice

Cooking is easy and fun when the cooking appliance can accommodate everything from rice to soup to stew and more.

  • Lightweight – Easy for table use
  • Non-stick coated aluminum inner pan
  • Settings for Sticky rice, GABA rice & Brown rice
  • Turbo cooking functions
  • Menu panel for easy cooking cycle selection
  • Automatic Steam release
  • Voice command feature only in Korean language
  • No retractable cord

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10 Cup capacity (uncooked) – 5.0 litre/5.3 quart – Model # CRP-M1059

Best 10 cup
Cuckoo CRP-M1059F
  • 10 Cups Uncooked (5 Liters / 5.3 Quarts)
  • Non-Stick Coating Inner Pot
  • Fuzzy Logic & Intelligent Cooking Algorithm
  • AC120V / 60hz

Large capacity combined with many cooking options makes this pressurized rice cooker an excellent choice for large families.

Very Versatile

I like how many different cooking functions this rice cooker can accomplish.

With settings for pressurized cooking as well as settings for crispy rice and other specialties, there is no limit to the meals that can be made using such a versatile kitchen appliance.

Specially Made for Large Groups

This is the rice cooker for family reunions and large parties. The 10-cup capacity makes plenty of rice or can be used for creating amazing and easy recipes.

If you feed a lot of people regularly, the large capacity makes for exceptional results that everyone will enjoy.

Other Features

The programmable menu makes it possible to create meals using ingredients from around the world.

Built from durable stainless steel and aluminum, this high-capacity pressurized rice cooker is my choice for the greatest range of uses while remaining durable and reliable for years and years.

  • X-wall Diamond Non-stick coated aluminum inner pan
  • Settings for Sticky rice, GABA rice & Brown rice
  • Multi-cook functions
  • Turbo cooking functions
  • Menu panel for easy cooking cycle selection
  • Automatic Steam release
  • Removable Lid for easy cleaning
  • Steamer Basket included
  • Voice command feature only in Korean language

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Cuckoo Rice Cooker Buying Guide

The Cuckoo brand is well known throughout Korea and is getting to be better known here in the United States.

cuckoo usa

I like the Cuckoo brand because they focus on manufacturing a rice cooker that will last for years and make perfect rice every time.

There are many different models from Cuckoo including Induction Heating rice cookers and ones that connect with Android devices for remote control cooking.

I’ve found the prices are best on Amazon for Cuckoo’s products as well as for many of the other cooking utensils.

Highly Rated By Consumers

Cuckoo brand rice cookers have been around long enough for consumers to offer their opinions and experience.

Over and over again, consumers rate Cuckoo brand rice cooking pots very highly, earning 4.8 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon for the basic model.

With over 40 year’s experience manufacturing rice cookers, electric kettles, and other useful kitchen appliances, Cuckoo has the global experience and engineering to satisfy any chef, professional, or home cook.

Easy to use and built using only the finest materials, Cuckoo builds every product to last for years.

Traditional Cuckoo Rice Cookers

cuckoo CR-0655F

Since 1978, the Cuckoo brand has sold over 25 million rice cookers and is the preferred brand in Korea garnering over 70% of the market. To me, that speaks volumes.

Every Asian country has rice cooker manufacturers but for my money, the Cuckoo brand builds the most user-friendly and durable rice cookers.

I like how easy they are to work with and the ease with which they clean up. Each style has features that turn cooking rice into a pleasure.

Cuckoo offers different traditional rice cookers based on cooking capacity.

Pressurized Cuckoo Rice Cookers

cuckoo pressure rice cooker

What I like about pressurized rice cookers is the variety of dishes you can prepare in them. Just like the pressure cooker your mother used but with many more advanced features and capabilities.

Pressure cooking makes these rice cookers so much more versatile and the cooking settings are a perfect complement to the advanced technology.

Complete meals can be prepared in one pot making clean-up easier and faster.

Cuckoo pressurized rice cookers feature self-cleaning steam vents and other advantages that make owning and using one a real pleasure from start to finish.

Do You Need A Traditional Rice Cooker Or A Pressurized One?

Over time, rice cookers became more and more sophisticated with additional features to cook things other than rice. Today, there are 2 types available on the market.

The traditional rice cooker works with a heating element activated by weight.

Pressurized ones work similarly to traditional cookers but they use different technology to monitor cooking time and processes. They can cook a wider variety of foods and recipes than a traditional rice cooker.

While a traditional one can cook things like vegetables and meats, their pressurized counterparts can prepare many more dishes that have timed cooking cycles or require pressure to help break down ingredients.

They can braise ribs, chicken, and other meats as well as make combination meals with a large number of ingredients.

cooking whole chicken in rice cooker

Tips and Tricks on Using Your New Rice Cooker

How Long Does It Take to Cook Rice in Cuckoo?

Depending on the type of rice, the function you choose, how much rice you’re cooking, and the model itself, anything from 20 minutes to an hour.

Here are some estimates (per 2 cups, in minutes):

  • White/Sticky: 28 (regular), 20 (turbo)
  • Sushi: 35
  • Mixed: 48
  • Gaba: 54

How Do You Cook Quinoa in a Cuckoo Rice Cooker?

The process is pretty similar to cooking rice:

  • Rinse
  • Place it in the rice cooker and add water (2 cups per 1 cup of quinoa) or broth and a bit of salt
  • Turn the rice cooker on
  • Wait for about half an hour

How Do I Make My Cuckoo Rice Cooker English?

  • Turn on the device
  • Press and hold the “mode” setting
  • Keep pressing the same button until you see “voice” or something similar on the display
  • Using the left and right buttons, find the English setting
  • Click the “set” button

Here’s a video (the particular model in use is CRP-N0681F:

How Long Does Cuckoo Rice Cooker Last?

Depending on the model, how often do you use it, and how well do you maintain it, anything from a year or two to 10 years.

This is just a rule of thumb. There have been cases of people using the same rice cooker (not just Cuckoo) for 15 years and longer.

How Do You Use A Cuckoo Rice Cooker CR-0351F?

Like all Cuckoo rice cookers, this model is extremely easy to use.

  1. Measure the amount of rice you want to cook with the provided measuring cup
  2. Thoroughly wash and rinse the rice
  3. Add water (check the lines inside the pot and match them to your type of rice)
  4. Dry off the inner pot with a rag
  5. Place the pot in the rice cooker
  6. Select the corresponding program

In about 20-30 minutes your rice will be ready. Simple and yummy.

For more information check out this video:

Or read the manual.

About Cuckoo

Is Cuckoo a Korean Brand?

Yes, from South Korea.

The full name is Cuckoo Electronics Co., Ltd.

When Was Cuckoo Korea Established?

It was founded in 1978 under the name Sunkwang Electronics Co., Ltd. It changed its name to Cuckoo in 2002.

Who Is the Founder of Cuckoo Korea?

Koo Ja-sin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Cook Meat In A Rice Cooker?

Yes, you can cook meat but not in all rice cookers. Some come with steamer baskets that are made for cooking meat and vegetables.

Small note: larger chunks and even some type of meat (beef, for example) take more time to cook than rice. In this case, I’d recommend removing the cooked rice from the rice cooker (that is if you’re cooking them both at the same time) or just cook/sear it separately in a pan.

Experiment a little with your rice cooker to get the best results.

Several times when I was in a hurry I wrapped some chicken drumsticks or wings, peppers, and onions in aluminum foil and placed them on top of the rice before turning on the cooker.

Chicken Foil Packet

The foil packet speeds up the cooking process.

How Do I Clean My Rice Cooker?

The very first thing you should do is wait until the machine cools down and unplug it.

  1. Remove the inner pot and soak it in some warm soapy water for at least a couple of hours. While waiting, clean any accessories that came with your rice cooker (spatula, measuring cup, etc.)
  2. Wipe the inside and the outside with a damp cloth

Be very, very careful when cleaning the insides – the water from the cloth can damage electrical components, resulting in a short circuit or even worse – a fire.

Read my in-depth guide for thorough cleaning and disinfection.

Can I Cook Sticky Rice In A Rice Cooker?

Not only can you cook sticky rice in a rice cooker but some of them have programs for cooking glutinous rice.

sticky rice in rice cooker

Pro tips:

  • Do not wash the rice before cooking
  • Instead, soak it in water for several hours (don’t pour the starch-rich water down the drain – you’ll use it for cooking)
  • When pouring rice and water into the rice cooker make sure the water covers the top of the rice but no further (sticky rice to water ratio is 1:1)

What Are The Benefits Of A Rice Cooker?

The most important benefits of a rice cooker are time-saving and it’s simplicity.

When cooking rice over the stove you need to constantly watch and stir the rice so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan and burn. In most cases, the rice is not as good as if cooked in a rice cooker.

With a rice cooker, you just put the rice and the correct amount of water into it, press start, and you’re done. No supervising, no stirring, no burning, and most importantly, the rice is cooked to perfection. Simple as that!

Other benefits include:

  • No guess measurements for all kinds of rice
  • Scheduled cooking
  • Keep warm settings
  • Uniform cooking
  • Steaming veggies
  • Poaching fruit

Traditional Or Pressurized Rice Cookers Belong In Every Kitchen

Given all of the cultures and cuisines that use rice cookers and the amazing flexibility, modern electric rice cookers offer a ton of advantages to beginner cooks as well as experienced chefs. That’s why it’s not surprising to see many kitchens with rice cookers.

Technology has evolved which makes using a rice cooker much easier and takes all the guesswork out of making rice.

Even exotic rice like Brown rice and GAMA rice can be successfully made without sacrificing taste or texture.

There are dozens of ways to use a modern rice cooking pot and a universe of delicious recipes that can be accomplished using one. It’s easy and enjoyable.

Learning the advantages of rice cookers and the smiles you get after using one will tell you why it’s a smart thing to do.

What other kitchen appliances do you like from Cuckoo? Show me your list in the comment section below.

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