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How to Sharpen Rapala Fillet Knife

It does not matter whether you are a fishmonger, a fisherman or a cook who loves preparing delicious fish, having a sharp Rapala fillet knife is a life saver. If you use a sharp knife, [Read more]

bread knife sharpening
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Can You Sharpen A Bread Knife?

Just as with sharpening a serrated knife, sharpening your bread knife needs a unique technique. It is nothing like working on a straight edge knife. Grinding each of the serrations needs to be done manually. [Read more]

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The Best Cutting Board for Raw Meat

If you love cooking as I do, then you will agree that chopping boards are one of the most important tools in any kitchen. They are versatile and can be used for most chopping jobs. [Read more]

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Best Kitchen Knives For Home Use

Have you realized yet that your knives are the most personal tools in your kitchen? Each time you use one of your knives, its shape and heft grow more familiar. The wear of the blade [Read more]

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The Best Fillet Knife

When making lunch from the backcountry lake, ensuring that your family enjoys great fish fillets is not an easy task. However, the job is simpler if you have the perfect knife for the job. A [Read more]