Most Useful Flat Top Grill Accessories & Tools of 2024

Just like with owning a regular grill, you need a few things to get you started, be better at it, improve your experience, or just make you look cool.

To master the art of cooking on a flat top grill, you need to use the right tools – which this article is all about.

There are plenty of accessories and tools on the market. Some are more useful than others, some are essential, and some are made for showing off.

I divided them into several categories, ranging from more essential to less. This not only makes reading easier but also eases your choice of what to get.

These categories are:

As a bonus, I compiled a list of the best griddle accessories made by Blackstone and Camp Chef.

Please note that the products included here are examples and may not be suitable for your particular model. In this case, consult your manual, online, friends,… or leave a comment asking me.

What Accessories Do You Need for a Flat Top Grill?

flat top grill accessories

I included tons of different products here but the reality is that you only need a few things to get you started.

This is the bare minimum that you need:

  • Scraper
  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • Squeeze bottles
  • Oil for cooking and seasoning
  • Spices
  • Knife
  • Cutting board

Although the list looks long, one great thing about it is that some of these things you may already have like knives and a cutting board. (when I got my first flat top grill, I was only missing the tongs, scraper, and squeeze bottles.).

Flat Top Grill Accessories

The items in the lists aren’t in a particular order.

Essential Items

This list includes stuff every owner of a flat top grill should have, be it a professional chef or a home cook.

Griddle Accessory Kit

A griddle accessory kit is exactly what it sounds like: a kit of griddle accessories.

griddle accessory kit

While they differ in content from one another, most of them include a spatula, scraper, and tongs.

Some can be even more versatile and include cleaning products and other useful items.

An upside of having a kit is that you don’t have to search for individual accessories but the downside is the price and also you may end up with stuff that you don’t need.


This tool is a must-have for cleaning your flat top.

It has other uses, too like chopping.


A spatula is perfect for flipping and adjusting food.

Some have a cutting edge, making them great for chopping, as well.


Tongs offer better control of the food than a spatula because they provide a better grip while protecting your hands from burning.

I also use them to hold the towel with which I season my flat top.

Squeeze Bottles

holding griddle squeeze bottle

They are perfect for holding any kind of liquid, be it water, ketchup, mustard, oil,…

I have several bottles, some of which contain oil for cooking and seasoning and water for cleaning.

Seasoning Oil

After each and every cleanup, you need to season your griddle.

What oil you use boils down to personal choice. Different guides and different people recommend different oils.

I personally have tried many brands and types and all of them worked just fine.


You can’t have a tasty BBQ without (the correct) spices.

Cutting Board

It’s not recommended to cut food directly on the griddle itself since you’ll damage both the griddle and the knife.

Most homes already own a board (or even two) but if you don’t or want to have one just for this occasion, take a look at this exhaustive list.


A good knife (or set of knives) makes for a world of difference.

You can use a scraper or a spatula for things like cutting and chopping but these are meant for a quick cut and don’t do the job as well as an actual knife does.

Cleaning Supplies

cleaning nexgrill griddle

Cleaning a flat top is just as important as cooking on it.

Although you can clean your grill with some water and a scraper, these flat top grill cleaning tools listed here make this job more thorough, faster, and fun.

Cleaning Set

A cleaning set usually includes various cleaning tools like a scraper, pads, or a stone and a cleaning solution.

They are highly convenient as they include all of the stuff you need for successfully cleaning your grill.

Griddle-specific Cleaners

These cleaning agents are made specifically for cleaning your flat top.

They are highly effective but some may be bad for the environment and can leave a dent in your budget if you use them on a regular basis.

Griddle Stone

Also known as grill bricks, cleaning or pumice stones, these brick-like blocks work like scouring pads, removing grease and other buildups.

They are abrasive enough to quickly and easily remove dirt but not so much that they will scratch the surface.

Scouring Pads

cleaning griddle with scouring pad

Scouring pads work in a similar way to stones except they can be used in many other places like cookware and burners.


This tool is a must-have for cleaning your flat top.

Griddle-specific Seasoning

This type of seasoning is a blend of various oils and (sometimes) wax that adds an extra layer of protection to your cooking surface.

It does a fantastic job and I do recommend it but if your budget is tight, you can stick to regular oil.

Storage Items

Once you’re done cooking, you need to put the grill into a safe place where it’s protected from the elements. Otherwise, it will rust and fall apart.

Soft Cover

A soft cover is a protective cover for your grill that covers the entire unit and protects it from sunlight, rain, snow, cold, debris, chemicals, and pests.

They are usually black in color and waterproof.

You can get a cover that’s specific to your model or a universal one. Both are great options.

Hard Cover

blackstone hard cover

Unlike the soft cover, a hard cover only protects the cooking surface. Also, it’s made from metal instead of fabric, hence the term “hard”.

Carry Bag

It’s a soft cover that doubles as a transportation bag.

Of course, this bag only exists for smaller portable flat top grills (Blackstone 17 inch being one example).


These pieces of clothing protect you from grease, heat, and make you look cool at the same time.

Heat-resistant Gloves

griddle gloves

These babies protect your hands from the heat, making your job at the grill much safer.

You can easily flip food, wipe the surface, handle cookware and lids, and more.


Nothing says “kiss the chef” better than an apron.

Aprons protect you and your clothes from grease, oils, and other dirt. They also feature pockets so you can have everything you need at hand.


The items in this category will make cooking on the grill more convenient and enjoyable but aren’t necessary (meaning you can still cook without them).

These gadgets are really cool and useful but might impact your budget.

Utensil Caddy

Also known as a utensil holder, this convenient item holds primarily utensils.

Some have special features. For example, the caddy in the table above also has a towel holder, hooks, and compartments for things like spices, condiments, and even plates and glasses.

I have one myself and it sure comes in handy, especially when cooking for larger groups.

Griddle Caddy

griddle caddy shelf

A griddle caddy is an extra shelf that you install on a griddle that holds stuff like bottles, spices, and condiments.

Some are even fancier and include hooks.

Outdoor Table and Storage Cabinet

This thing here is incredibly useful if you own a portable or tabletop flat top grill. It basically turns such a grill into a freestanding one.

Another use for this accessory is extra cabinet space so owners of a freestanding model can also find a use for it.

Basting Dome

Griddles don’t come with lids as regular grills do.

While you can buy a lid for your flat top, a basting dome is a more affordable alternative.

I use it to melt cheese on my burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches, and steaming veggies.

Blackstone Griddle Breakfast Kit

It’s a must-have for bacon, pancakes, and/or egg lovers.

This kit includes a bacon press, 2 egg rings, and a batter dispenser.

Grill Press

Also known as a bacon press and steak weight, this simple yet ingenious tool decreases cooking time, spreads the heat more evenly, and prevents curling.

Wind Screen

blackstone flat top grill wind screen

Wind and grilling don’t go hand in hand.

Anyone who has ever grilled in strong winds knows what I’m talking about.

This gadget shields the heat from the wind.

Burger Spatula

Compared to a regular spatula, a burger spatula has a larger surface. Some have a cutting edge (usually at the front) that doubles as a scraper.

You can use a regular spatula for flipping burgers, though. But having a dedicated burger spatula is a whole different feeling.

Drip Pans

These things are single-use disposable aluminum pans (or trays) that you place in the grease collector.

Once you’re done cooking, simply throw it away instead of cleaning the grease collector.

Food Mover

A food mover looks like a handheld shovel and its purpose is exactly this: moving the cooked food from the griddle to your plate.

They sure come in handy when you’re cooking for large groups and/or the food is made from small pieces like stir-fry scrambled eggs, and fries, to name a few.

Butter Wheel

If you have a lot of bread and buns to butter, this thing is a lifesaver.

It looks like a hamster wheel in a pan.

Place it on the flat top, put some butter, wait a few minutes for it to melt, place the wheel inside, put the bun on top, and begin rollin’.

Basting Brush

It’s a brush for spreading butter, marinade, or glaze over the food.

Its purpose is similar to the butter wheel above except it’s cheaper and more versatile.

Dredge Shakers

Dredge shakers are small jars with a perforated lid that are ideal for holding spices like salt and pepper.

Egg/Pancake Rings

These things are molds, round in shape, used for cooking stuff like eggs, pancakes, and even burgers.

The ring prevents the food from spreading around the surface.

I use them mostly for cooking eggs which I place in a sandwich or burger.

Pizza Pan

A pizza pan is exactly what it sounds like: a pan for making pizza.

It’s a flat pan that’s either perforated or not.

Side Shelf

blackstone side shelves

When the provided side shelves aren’t enough or your model doesn’t have them, these things sure come in handy as they increase the available prep and storage space.

Hinged Lid

One major downside of owning a flat top grill vs a regular one is the missing lid.

A hinged lid fixes this issue.

If you get one, you don’t have to get an additional hard cover.

Warming Rack

This is another thing I miss about flat top grills.

A warming rack not only increases cooking space but is also ideal for toasting buns and veggies and keeping food warm.


Sure, you can find any recipe you want online but there’s a special feeling of owning an actual cookbook.

Taco Holder

A taco holder is a great accessory for any griller who loves Mexican food.

Rotary Cheese Grater

rotary cheese grater

Grating cheese can be a pain, especially if you use it a lot. One solution is to buy it already grated but this is kinda expensive.

The solution to this problem is a rotary cheese grater. It saves you a lot of time, money, and elbow grease.


Unlike regular grills, flat top counterparts don’t have a lid thermometer and if you’re not an experienced griller, it’s hard to tell at what temperature your griddle is.

Sure, you can use your hand to check the temperature but this method is not always reliable.

If you want to be really accurate, invest in an actual thermometer. You can get pretty basic ones for just a few bucks but if you want to stand out from the crowd, go for an IR gun – you can use them on other things, as well.

Meat Probe

Also known as a meat thermometer, a meat probe measures the internal temperature of meat.

This thing prevents undercooking and overcooking and is great for both beginners and pros alike.

Branding Iron

branding iron

Personalize your burger or steak with a branding iron.

It doesn’t affect the taste but it sure looks cool.

Crepe Spreader

If you prefer crepes over pancakes and make them often, this tool is a must-have.

Utensil Hooks

If the hooks that came with your grill aren’t enough or if yours doesn’t have them, expand your arsenal with new ones.

They are surprisingly cheap and don’t take much space.

I suggest magnetic ones because you don’t need any tools and hardware to install them.

Paper Towel Holder

With all that oil, grease, and dirt on and near the grill, having paper towels nearby is a must.

Pro tip: go for a magnetic one. You can place it almost anywhere on the grill without installation.

Grill Light

Don’t let the darkness stop you from enjoying your BBQ.

These special lights snap directly onto your grill (they are either magnetic, have a clamp, or both) so you can cook without interruption.

They are quite versatile and can be used in other places like in the garage, workshop, the hood of your car, etc.

Blackstone Flat Top Grill Accessories

blackstone griddle gear logo

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Blackstone makes tons of other accessories and tools that are not included here.

If you can’t find an accessory for you in this list, then take a look here.

Blackstone 5060 Professional Griddle Cleaning Kit

This set contains all of the tools you need to make your griddle squeaky clean:

  • 2 stones + holder
  • 3 scouring pads + holder
  • Scraper

Being Blackstone, the quality is top-notch. The scraper is made out of thick and durable metal and the handles are sturdy and non-slip.

Also, the parts are dishwasher safe.

Blackstone 5004 Hard Top Lid with Handle for 36″ Griddle

This hard cover is an ideal way to protect the cooking surface from the elements, dirt, vermin, and rust.

This particular one fits 36-inch models with the front or rear grease tray.

Blackstone 1542 Flat top Griddle Professional Grade Accessory Tool Kit

This is a great beginners kit since it includes the most basic accessories and tools needed to cook on the griddle:

  • 2 spatulas
  • 2 squeeze bottles
  • Scraper

The spatulas and scraper are made from heavy-duty stainless steel, and the handles are non-slip and built to last.

To top it all off, the kit comes with a gift: a cookbook titled “The Art of Griddle Cooking”.

Blackstone 5017 Griddle Rear Grease Cup Liners

Place these disposable foil trays in your grease cup so you won’t have to clean it.

There are 10 of them in this set and are made from heavy-duty and thick aluminum so they won’t fall apart once you lift them up from the great cup.

The dimensions are 8 in x 3.75 in x 3 in and fit 36-in, 28-in, 22-in, and 17-in models that have grease cups at the back.

Blackstone 1182 Carry Bag For 28-Inch Griddle Top

This one is a 2-in-one, serving both as a cover and a carry bag.

The fabric is heavy-duty polyester and is resistant to both weather (UV included) and physical damage.

This particular bag is designed for 28-in models.

Blackstone 1529 Weather Resistant Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Outdoor Soft Cover

This heavy-duty weather-resistant soft cover is an ideal storage item for your 28-in flat top grill.

It also comes with several buckles that make the cover secure which is ideal for places where there’s windy.

Blackstone Cook and Carry Griddle Caddy for Griddle/Grill Tools

When you have lots of stuff to carry around (you’re a camper or traveler, for example), this griddle caddy is a must-have.

It has enough space to carry all your tools and accessories, including spatulas, scrapers, paper towels, spices, dishes, basting cover, etc.

It has separate compartments for things like bottles and spices. Neat!

Blackstone 5022 Crepe Making Kit

Crepe lovers are going to love this one.

This pro kit includes all the things needed for making delicious crepes:

  • Crepe spatula
  • Crepe spreader
  • Squeeze bottle
  • Dredge shaker

The squeeze bottle is ideal for storing cooking oil while the shaker can hold powdered sugar.

Blackstone 5085 Burger Press

When making burgers en-masse, this handy dandy tool is both a life- and time-saver.

Not only it makes burger patties the same size every time but it also helps lock in the juices while cooking.

Like all of Blackstone’s spatulas and scrapers, this press is made from durable and thick heavy-duty stainless steel that’s built to last.

Blackstone Universal Griddle Stand with Adjustable Leg and Side Shelf – Made to fit 17” or 22” Table Top Griddle

This thing turns your portable tabletop griddle into a freestanding one.

It’s really convenient and comes more than handy for outdoor occasions like camping, tailgating, beach parties,…

The legs are adjustable and include a side shelf.

Blackstone 5024 Professional Hamburger Tool Kit

It’s a kit that includes everything you need to cook a delicious burger:

  • Burger spatula
  • Burger press
  • Dredge shaker

Blackstone 6 piece Classic Outdoor Cooking Set

This versatile set includes quite a few tools that will make cooking at the grill more enjoyable and convenient:

  • Narrow spatula
  • Wide spatula
  • Tongs
  • Fork
  • Ladle
  • Burger spatula

All of these items are dishwasher safe.

Blackstone XL Griddle Press

This press is quite similar to the burger press above except it’s much larger and versatile.

Besides burgers, you can use it for bacon, steaks, sausages, and sandwiches, among other things.

Blackstone 1780 12-Inch Round Basting Cover

This restaurant-quality basting cover is a must-have for steaming veggies and melting cheese.

It creates an oven-like environment – just like closing the lid on a regular grill.

The handle is heat resistant and the whole thing is dishwasher safe.

Blackstone 5028 Griddle Kit

This set includes 2 professional high-quality scrapers that are ideal for removing stubborn debris, chopping, and serving food.

Blackstone 5515 Egg Omelet Ring Kit

Making egg sandwiches can be a real pain because eggs have a tendency to spread around the cooking surface. Pancakes are similar.

These egg rings prevent spreading and make the eggs look like they were made by a pro chef from an actual restaurant.

The set includes 4 round and 4 square rings and all of them are dishwasher safe.

Blackstone 3019 Silicone BBQ Gloves

No more burnt hands.

These gloves are ideal for handling piping hot cookware, flipping food directly on the grill (i.e. without tools), and cleaning.

You can use them in other places like the kitchen and at a campsite.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Accessories

camp chef logo

Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Camp Chef makes other accessories and tools that are not included here.

If you can’t find an accessory for you in this list, then take a look here.

Camp Chef Flat Top Tool Kit

This 6-piece essentials set contains:

  • 2 squeeze bottles
  • Heavy-duty turner/scraper spatula
  • Pancake flipper spatula
  • Scraper
  • Cutting board

Camp Chef Pan Scraper

This is not a regular scraper nor does it look like one.

It has curved edges so you can scrape pans and skillets, too.

Camp Chef SGCUPF Grease Cups

These grease cups are single-use liners for your Camp Chef grease tray.

There are 5 of these in the set.

Scraper Cleaning Tool

Made from heavy-duty thick stainless steel, this 25 in (63.5 cm) scraper safely cleans the surface of your flat top grill without burning or messing up your hands.

Cast Iron Conditioner 8 oz Spray Bottle

Specially made for cast iron surfaces, this seasoning spray adds an extra layer of protection to your griddle’s cooking surface, additionally protecting it from rust.

It’s made from 100% natural ingredients, no chemicals whatsoever.

Camp Chef Magnetic BBQ Tool Holders

These hooks sure come in handy for hanging utensils and towels.

They’re magnetic, meaning tool-free installation, and there are 3 of them.

Camp Chef Bacon Panini Press

This cast iron press comes pre-seasoned and is a great way of making sandwiches, burgers, bacon, steak, etc.

It locks in the juices, evenly spreads the heat across the entire surface, and decreases cooking time.

You Can’t Lose With These Flat Top Grill Accessories

There you have it. This list contains most of the flat top grill accessories and tools the market has to offer.

Here, I have included many examples of the best griddle accessories and flat top grill tools money can buy.

Did I miss an item? Which one’s your favorite? Let me know down in the comments below.

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