4 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems For Well Water Of 2021

Reverse osmosis (RO) technology is considered to be the last word in the water filtration system. However, RO systems are further augmented with the integration of other filtration systems to make it 3, 4, or 5-stage filtration systems to make them capable of filtering any kind of water, including the well water.

Here, I am providing reviews of the 4 best reverse osmosis systems for well water.

Top 4 Reverse Osmosis Systems Ideal For Filtering Well Water

About 13 million homes in the US rely on well water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and watering. Most of these homes are located in the eastern half of the US.

About 20% of these wells are contaminated. The concentration levels are above the recommended and present a risk to our health. That’s why it’s imperative to invest in a water filtration system capable of removing these contaminants. This is where reverse osmosis comes in.

Product Reviews

Whirlpool WHAROS5

This is one of the most advanced RO systems that removes up to 15 individual contaminants from well water. Equipped with the WHAROS5 filtration unit, it offers cleaner and safer water for the entire family.

It effectively removes the agents from the water that cause odor. Therefore, the water is cleaner and tastes much better than it originally did. It comes with a modern chrome faucet design with a sleek and contemporary look.

Changing the filter is easy because there is an indicator light that alerts that the filter needs to be changed. Filter replacement takes just a few seconds.

  • Removes up to 15 individual contaminants from water
  • Removes agents that cause odor
  • Water tests better and cleaner
  • Indicator light for alerting you when to change the filter
  • Can replace the filter in seconds
  • Made with plastic
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NU Aqua Platinum Series Deluxe

This is a premium quality RO water filtration system developed after rigorous testing in the company’s labs. It provides a consistent flow of clean, healthy, and better-tasting water on demand. Provided is a 100% leak-free and lead-free stylish faucet that is easy to install and the same applies to the professional-grade filters.

It’s a 5 stage water filtration system that ensures the highest quality of drinking water. Its output is double of any other water filtration system in the same category. The filter comes with an installation DVD and a separate step-by-step manual that helps you to install it yourself in less than an hour.

It’s equipped with HydraCoil technology and carbon filters that capture over 1000 contaminants including fluoride, bacteria, arsenic, chlorine, and lead.

  • HydraCoil technology
  • Removes over 1000 contaminants
  • Removes fluoride, bacteria, and arsenic
  • 5-year warranty
  • Installation can take longer for inexperienced users
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iSpring RCS5T

It’s a super performing 5-stage RO water filtration system. This RO system is equipped with an advanced 500GPD membrane that saves up to 60% water, with a very low rate of the waste – The drain ratio is only 1:1.

This water system is a great option for small restaurants, offices, labs, or households. It has a built-in booster pump that increases the water flow even when water pressure is low. This ensures the available water level is high for the RO system to work optimally.

It comes with a chrome faucet, 360-degree swivel, and water pressure indicator. Installation instructions are available on video and phone calls. It takes less than 2 hours to install it.

  • 5-stage RO filtration system
  • Dual-Flow membrane capable of removing heavy metal
  • GAC filter capable of removing smells and disinfection byproducts
  • Produces clean water with great taste
  • Installation instructions are available on video or phone call
  • 1:1 drain ratio
  • Installation can take long for inexperienced users
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HiKiNS RO-125G

This RO filtration system comes in premium quality design with food-grade components and pipes. It filters both tap and well water into safe drinking water. This is a 5-stage water filtration system capable of removing up to 99% contaminants including heavy metals. It offers sweet, clear and, tasty water.

The large flow mechanics provide quick and purified water where the output is 155% more than similar models in the market. It produces very little water waste. The faucet provided with the filtration system is completely lead-free.

The installation process is easy and it comes with a 2-year guarantee of services.

  • 5-stage water filter technology
  • Large flow membrane
  • FDA certified water-saving efficiency
  • Food-grade components and pipe
  • High-grade filtration for well water and tap water
  • Body looks like it’s made with flimsy plastic
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Reverse Osmosis System Buying Guide

Buying a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtering system is a great investment because it will ensure that you drink only clean, healthy and safe water. However, there are many RO products in the market and your decision can turn out to be a flawed one just because you did not know what features will suit you more over the rest.

To buy the best reverse osmosis system for well water, you need to take home a system that can clean water in multi-stage filtration, including big-size debris, hummus, pathogens, heavy metals, and other common water contaminants.

Before you make the purchase, you may want to know a little more about the RO so that you can make an informed decision about which brand and model to go for.

Here, I am providing you a detailed buying guide for buying the best reverse osmosis system for well water:


The RO system would be placed in the cabinet beneath the sink. My experience says you need quite a bit of space there and you might have to permanently remove the trash can from there. Even after removing it, you may have to struggle for space with pre-filters, RO components, and the tank all going in there.

It’s better that you measure that space before going to the shop or ordering the RO unit online. Make sure the unit and model that you are buying fits in comfortably in the limited space under the sink.

Water Pressure

Before you place an order, check out the water pressure in your home because the RO devices will not work efficiently if the water pressure is under 40PSI. However, you can increase the pressure of the waterline by using a boosting pump.

Many reverse osmosis units come with built-in booster pumps. If the water pressure is an issue, you can try to solve it with a reverse osmosis unit that has a built-in booster pump. If despite the booster pump, water pressure is not up to the required level, your RO system will not work efficiently.

Water Usage

A primary concern with reverse osmosis systems is that it consumes more water to clean than it produces for drinking. In other words, it wastes 50% to 60% of water to produce 50% to 40% clean potable water.

This is an important consideration for some people who may not have the option to waste so much water.

Source of water

The source of water is important for choosing the right variety of the RO system. While it’s a robust filtration system that can clean any kind of water including the well water, I would suggest you check the description and make sure that it does filter it before you buy the machine.


The reverse osmosis technology is so sweeping and powerful that it removes even some of the healthy minerals and salts from the water. You can consider using a remineralize alkaline filter that reintroduces these healthy minerals.

The RO system is used in different industries to remove contaminants from the water. For example, it is used to remove salt from the saline water of the sea. You too can use it for different purposes than simply using it for cleaning your household water.

Replacement Filters

changing RO filters

For the RO water filter to function the way it did when it was new it requires you to do the regular maintenance of the multi-level filters. To add to your woes, some filters require more frequent replacement. You need to keep track of the timeline when the filters need to be replaced.

For some people, this is a tiring exercise. Before you buy an RO system, I would suggest you to properly understand its filter maintenance and replacement requirements so that you can settle for one that is more convenient to you.

Think it well

These factors require proper thinking and planning so that you don’t have to put up with an expensive RO system that does not quite fit your situation. If you have thought out all available options, you may find a RO system that is more compatible with the specific situation in your area and home.

What size of RO do you need?

A Reverse Osmosis water filtration system operates well when the water pressure is between 40 PSI to 100 PSI. A typical system would generate 10 to 100 gallons of clean water per day.

Generally speaking, an RO system produces 50% to 60% of its GPD (Gallons per day) rating.

Critical Information About Well Water

well water

As mentioned before, 13 million homes use well water as their main water source. According to a study conducted by the US Geological Survey, 20 percent of these well’s water is highly contaminated. Some of these contaminants are:

  1. Heavy metals
  2. Radionuclides
  3. Nitrates
  4. Pesticides
  5. Solvents
  6. Bacteria

These contaminants affected the taste and smell of the water in half of the wells.

Below you’ll find information about well water in the US and the reasons why choosing a water filtration system is your best choice.

Is Well Water Regulated?

No, it’s not.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not regulate private wells. You are responsible for testing your well water and making sure it is safe.

Source: Center For Disease Control And Prevention

The US government considers wells as private assets. That’s why they won’t test them. And if you get water poisoning, guess what, it’s your fault.

What Are The Problems With Well Water?

Apart from not being regulated and you being responsible for your own health, other issues include:

  1. Hard water: If the water is really hard then you’ll have to descale your appliances quite regularly. Also, your clothes will lose their color, your hair and scalp will become flakey, and given enough time the water pressure will drop significantly because of limescale buildup in the pipes.
  2. Acidic water: Is the water blurry? Does it have that distinct metallic taste? Do you see corrosion and/or rust around the pipes and faucets? Then you most likely have acidic water. If you’ve seen reports about acid rainfall in the vicinity, then you definitely have it. A simple pH test will show you how exactly acidic your well water is.
  3. Flouride: Your teeth are becoming more and more yellow.
  4. Hydrogen Sulfide: Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Also, this stuff is flammable and some people tested the presence of it in their well water by lighting a match or a lighter when they opened the faucet (This is dangerous BTW. Do it at your own risk!)
  5. Viruses and bacteria: As nasty as this sounds, even fecal bacteria can find their way into your well.

How Do You Fix Bad Well Water?

Well, the simplest and most straightforward solution is to invest in a high-quality reverse osmosis water filtration system. If you haven’t chosen one, then I suggest you immediately go to the top of this article and read all of the reviews to see which one is the best for you.

RO filter system example

Protect Your Health By Drinking Pure Water

The reverse osmosis technology is one of the most advanced water filtration systems that ensure 99.9% clean water. Through multi-level filtration, it can treat and remove over 1000 contaminants from water and make it cleaner, healthier and tastier.

However, choosing the right brand and model for your specific condition can be a difficult task.

For your benefit, I have provided my review of 4 best reverse osmosis system for well water and also a brief buying guide that should help you overcome some of the issues on which there can be some misunderstandings leading to a bad choice of product.

So, take no chances, buy what fits your needs, and your specific home and area conditions.

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best reverse osmosis systems for well water

How badly contaminated is your well water?

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