Debunking Grill Myths In 2021: Are Infrared Grills Safe?

Infrared grills are an innovation in the grilling world. They look complex at a glance but their principle of operation is simple: instead of a burner or flame, there’s a plate that is heated at high temperatures. This plate then radiates the heat which cooks your food.

grilling steaks on infrared grill

Radiation. This is what makes infrared grills stand out. Interesting word, isn’t it?

This is exactly why some folks ask “are infrared grills safe?”. They think that this is the same type of radiation that is around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In reality, it’s not. There’s bad radiation, like this one, and there’s good radiation.

I’d like to end this confusion once and for all. That’s why I wrote this article. Below I’ll explain:

  1. Why all radiation isn’t harmful
  2. What radiation exactly is
  3. Why are infrared grills safe

Is Infrared Cooking Bad for Your Health?

The mentioned question arises due to the fact that heat is transferred from the heating element to the food through radiation. The other grills that are considered “safe” use conduction and convection as the primary method of heat transfer.

conduction vs convection

These grills, however, have a lot of shortcomings such as energy loss and uneven cooking and infrared grills were created to address these challenges.

When the convectional currents rise from the heat source to the meals on the grill, a lot of heat energy is lost to the environment. The heat is mainly concentrated near the source of fuel and as such, only the part of the food that is close to the heat source gets cooked.

Users of such grills would have to flip the food several times to ensure it’s cooked properly and this resulted in hot and cold spots. An infrared grill, however, doesn’t have any of these problems.

How Does Infrared Cooking Work?

The infrared element within the grill gets heated and radiates the heat within the grill which then cooks your meals. It also minimizes heat loss as it does not rely on convectional currents to cook the meals.

Infrared radiation is just fancy talk for heat.


Contrary to popular belief, this type of grill does not use or introduce radioactive rays into your meals. The IR element within the grill functions primarily to radiate heat within the grill for cooking the meals on it and nothing more. It does not produce harmful radioactive rays when it is heated and as such, you will be cooking your meals just as you would on other grills only that the heat will be evenly distributed rather than being concentrated in a certain area.

The other issue that people tend to associate with infrared grills is that they interfere with the internal structure of the foods being prepared. This assumption stems from the fact that people think that these grills use radioactive rays to cook. Radioactive rays can damage anything that they come across and those who think that such grills use such rays imagine their steaks getting damaged when they are cooked on such grills. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

As I have already explained earlier that grills that use infrared technology do not use radioactive rays to cook and therefore will not damage the internal structure of the meals being prepared.

They will also not interfere with the DNA or protein composition and this will keep your dishes healthy and safe.

DNA structure


Can Infrared Give You Cancer?

This is another negative thing that has been said about infrared grills. Those who think that these grills use radioactive rays to cook meals assume that such rays make foods radioactive enough to cause cancer. This is not true at all since the infrared element does not produce radioactive rays. There is no chance of the food getting cooked turning radioactive.

You are, therefore, not at risk of cancer and your health and well-being are guaranteed when you cook your meals with an infrared grill. In fact, grills with infrared technology prevent you from cancer better than other types of grills. Chances of burning your food are higher with the other grills as the heat getting to the meals is not properly regulated and distributed within the grill.

Burnt food has been linked to cancer and since you are more likely to burn your food when cooking with a charcoal or gas grill, I can comfortably say that infrared grills are very safe and healthy.

Infrared Grills Are Safer Than Charcoal and Gas Grills

Many people have been wondering, “Are infrared grills safe?” and the answer to this is an emphatic yes. Assumptions that these grills use radioactive rays to cook meals are off the mark and quite misleading. Simply put, these grills have come up with an innovative way to cook with minimal energy loss and if you are looking for a nice grill for your cooking needs, then you will be wise to get one.

Your meals will not have hot and cold spots and they will cook up in the shortest time possible. They will also be tasty and juicy as the heat generated within the grill will not break your foods moisture barrier and this will ensure they retain their moisture for the entire cookout. Read this article to learn everything that you need to know about these innovative grills.

Do you know any other advantages of infrared grills? I want to see your answers in the comment section below.

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