Infrared Grill Cooking Times: Ribeye, Steak, Chicken,…

Cooking on an infrared grill is not the same as cooking on a charcoal or a gas grill. This grill type is very different from others and requires different ways of cooking.

That’s why you may run into trouble while cooking, especially if you own a gas or charcoal grill.

When I got my first infrared grill, I was struggling because at first because I thought the cooking times were the same as with other types of grills. I was very, very wrong and my first barbecue session was a disaster.

That’s why I did some digging and experimenting and made this infrared grill cooking times list so you won’t make the same mistakes as me.

Before I Dive In

Before you take a look at the cooking times, it would be wise to, first of all, understand how such grills work. They are different from the gas and charcoal grills that you are used to in that they feature an infrared element as their heat source.

infrared burner

This element is heated when you ignite the grill and it then radiates the heat to cook your meals. This is different from the “normal” grills that you are used to whereby meals are cooked on direct contact with the heated grill grates or by the heated air that circulates within the grills and ends up cooking your meals.

Infrared grills are efficient when it comes to heat and this is one of the factors that affect the cooking times on these kinds of grills. With little energy being wasted, most of it ends up being used to cook your meals that’s why the time taken to prepare meals is drastically reduced.

If you are used to cooking with the traditional gas and charcoal grills, then you should be prepared to cut your cooking times considerably if you switch to the more technically advanced grills that work on infrared technology.

With that said, let’s now take a look at the actual cooking times when using this type of grill.

Infrared Grill Cooking Times

As mentioned earlier in the text, the cooking times are less with an infrared grill than with the traditional gas and charcoal grills. The cooking times, however, vary with the foods that you are preparing with softer meals like fish fillet cooking up in a short period of time while thick and stubborn steaks taking much longer.

Just like other grills, you will have to preheat it before you begin cooking but the pre-heat duration will be shorter than you’re used to. It’s advisable to close the lid when preheating the grill so as to create the best cooking environment.

After about 5 – 10 minutes of preheating the grill, open the lid, and start cooking your meals. You can choose to cook your meals with the lid opened or closed but I recommend that you leave it open so as to have better control when you are cooking and for effective monitoring.

Here are the suggested cooking times for different meals cooked on an infrared grill.


Steak Ribeye Steak Loin Hamburger Hot dogs Large sausages Lamb Chops Boneless Chicken Breast Seafood
Total Cooking Time [minutes] 6 5 - 25 20 4 - 6 4 3 6 6 - 10 4 - 6


Peppers Tomatoes Mushrooms Onions Corn
Total Cooking Time [minutes] Whole: 10 - 20
Sliced: 5 -10
Whole: 8 - 20
Sliced: 4
4 - 8 8 - 20 With husk: 30 - 40
Without husk: 5 - 7



Steaks not thicker than one inch should be cooked for about 3 minutes on either side on the high temperature setting. Leave the hood open so as to hold in the juices and to develop sear lines on the steak.

How Long Do You Grill a Steak on an Infrared Grill?

The total cooking time is 6 minutes.

Ribeye Steak

Depending on the thickness, the total cooking time is anywhere between 5 to 25 minutes.

Pro tip: to get that famous steakhouse sear marks, sear the ribeye steaks for a minute on each side (including edges). Once done, turn the steak 45° and repeat the process.

seared steaks

How Do You Cook a Ribeye Steak on an Infrared Grill?

Let’s say you have an 1.25 inch thick ribeye steak. Here’s what you do (don’t worry, it’s not hard; the process is pretty much the same as with every type of steak):

  1. Marinade the steaks with some oil, salt, pepper, or whatever you wish, and give the meat some time to rest and absorb the marinade
  2. Preheat the grill to high
  3. Place the steaks on the grill and cook each side for about 5 – 6 minutes
  4. Remove the steaks and let them rest for about 5 minutes. You can use this time to set up the table and your favorite sauces
  5. Enjoy

That’s it.


Cook each side of the loin for 3 minutes on the high setting. The cooking times, however, depends on the thickness of the cut. For cuts with a thickness of more than one inch, it is advisable to extend the cooking time to about 5 minutes.

The total cooking time is about 20 minutes depending on the thickness of the cut.


Hamburgers not more than half an inch thick should be cooked for 2 minutes on either side on the high setting. Thicker hamburgers should be cooked for 3 minutes on either side.

Hot dogs

Cook your hot dogs for 4 minutes with the hood open on the medium setting.

Large sausages

Cook sausages for 3 minutes with the hood open.

Depending on how fatty the sausages are, you may have to leave them on the warming rack for a few minutes.

Lamb Chops

Lamb chops not more than ¾ inch thick should be cooked for 3 minutes on each side with the hood open.

Boneless Chicken Breast

grilled chicken marinade

How Long Should I Grill Chicken?

Chicken breasts that are ½ inch thick should be cooked for 3 before turning over the other side.

The total cooking time is 6 minutes with the hood open.

Chicken breasts that are ¾ inch thick should be cooked for 4 minutes on each side with the hood open while breasts in excess of one inch should be cooked for about 4,5 minutes for a total of about 10 minutes. You will be cooking the breast on the high setting.

To truly master the art of cooking chicken on an infrared grill, then take a look at this chicken grilling guide.


How Long Does It Take for Shrimp to Cook on the Grill?

Cook your and shrimp for 2 – 3 minutes per side on the high setting if they are about ½ inch thick. Thicker sections will also be cooked in the same duration but on the medium setting.

How Long Does It Take to Grill Fish Fillets?

Fish fillets generally take a few more minutes to cook than shrimp. If the fillet is an inch thick, cook it for a minute or two more (3 – 4 minutes per side).


Grilling vegetables is simpler than meat. The important things you need to remember are:

  • You’ll get the best results on high direct heat
  • Slice bigger vegetables into smaller pieces or wedges
  • They generally cook faster than meat
  • They’re done when the skin turns color (if you’re not sure, just poke them with a knife or fork. If you don’t feel any resistance, they’re done)

Tip: Coat the veggies with some oil before placing them on the grill. This prevents drying out and burning.


grilled peppers

If you’re grilling them whole, then they’ll need 10 – 20 minutes. If you cut them in half, they’ll need about half that time to be ready.


You can cook sliced tomatoes together with hamburgers as they roughly need the same time – about 2 minutes per side.

Whole tomatoes need to be cooked quite longer – anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes.


Whole or sliced, 2 – 4 minutes per side is usually enough.


Depending on how thick and golden you like them, you can cook them as little as 4 minutes per side or as much as 10 minutes per side. I suggest the latter for half-slided or quatered.


They are a tougher nut to crack than other vegetables and need much more time to be cooked, especially whole with husks.

grilled whole corn

For the latter, you’ll have to open a bottle of beer (or your other favorite beverage) and a chair as you’ll going to have to wait 30 – 40 minutes before you can sink your teeth into them.

Without husks, they cook much faster: from 5 to 7 minutes.


You will enjoy tasty meals when you use an infrared grill to cook your meals and this article highlights the infrared grill cooking time. Go through it in detail to understand how long you should cook your meals when using this kind of grill.

What kind of food do you grill the most? Meat or vegetables? Let me know in the comment section below.

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