Use This Juice Cure List To Heal These 12 Common Illnesses

Juice Cure List

In this guide, I will share juice cure list recipes with you so you will be able to make healthy juices at your home.

Freshly squeezed natural juices are one of the best things you can do for your health.

With juices you can prevent diseases, so you should drink them when you are still healthy.

When you get sick, the juices are a miraculous natural cure. They cleanse the blood and all body tissues, neutralize metabolic waste, and help to build new tissue.

We can call them internal bathing for health and youth.

They contain vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and other substances. They are free of ballast materials and therefore easily digestible.

You can prepare them at your home and drink them everywhere.

Every person can drink juices; both healthy and sick.

What Juices Contain?

orange and carrot juice

These drinks are a purified liquid that doesn’t contain inorganic substances that load on the walls of the veins, into the brain, to the joints, etc.

In short, they don’t lead to various places, into soft parts, where we absolutely don’t need them and cause us damage, pain, and deformations.

Fresh juices contain living substances called enzymes that stimulate life processes, thereby giving us immunity, and protecting us against diseases.

These drinks preserve and restore health.

Minerals and vitamins have a similar role in such raw and fresh juices.

Let’s look at which juices and what kinds of blends are best to treat individual diseases and the proportions of each juice.

Numbers next to juice are parts, units – how many parts, units (spoons, large spoons, glasses) of some juice are placed in a combination of the mixture.

Of course, you choose the criterion by yourself.

Once you make a mixture a few times and you get a feeling, you’ll no longer need the criteria.

It is not wrong if you add a few drops of particular juice more or less, but it’s better to stick with the ratio for better effect.

You can also prepare your own mixture, if it benefits you, why shouldn’t you?

This is an example of how you will prepare healthy juices with my help:

  • Carrot 7
  • Apple 6
  • Red beet 3

Mix 7 scoops (spoons) of carrot juice, 6 spoons of apple juice, and 3 spoons of red beet juice.

Note: it’s very important what kind of juicer do you use. Some types better extract nutrients from vegetables than others.

Read my expert guide to see which juicer is the best for your condition.

Juice Cure List Recipes for Treating a Variety of Diseases

Below you will find juices that treat a specific disease. Follow the tip for juice preparation that we gave you in the previous paragraph.


sore throat

A sore throat occurs due to an excess of toxins from the food.

Consummation of excessive amounts of milk and milk products, bread, and other dishes from flour and sugar can cause the same effect.

If you or your loved one has it; try to cure it with these juices:

  • Carrot
  • Carrot 7, celery 4, parsley 2, spinach 3
  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 10, red beet 3, cucumber 3


arthritis hands

Arthritis occurs in sediments of inorganic calcium on the joint cartilage that results from excessive consumption of concentrated carbohydrates.

If you don’t change your nutrition, you won’t get rid of it.

  • Grapefruit
  • Carrot 7, celery 4, parsley 2, spinach 3
  • Celery 7, green lettuce 5, spinach 4
  • Carrot 8, red beet 3, celery 5
  • Carrot 8, lettuce 5, spinach 5


asthma attack

The cause of asthma is the presence of mucus.

If you continue to enjoy large amounts of cow’s milk and dairy products, and eat white bread, pasta, cakes, and sweets, juices won’t be of much use to you.

  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 9, celery 7
  • Carrot 11, radishes 5
  • Carrot 8, celery 5, radishes 3
  • Horseradish


weighing oneself

Obesity is a modern disease – too much fat accumulates due to incompatible food combinations, and excessive quantities of starch and sugars consumed.

Sometimes obesity is the result of interference of internal secretion glands functioning.

  • Carrot
  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 10, cucumber 3, red beet 3
  • Carrot 11, cabbage 5
  • Spinach


woman taking diabetes test

Diabetes is a pancreatic inability to produce enough insulin.

These juices are one of the juice cure list recipes that should be most effective:

  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 7, celery 4, parsley 2, spinach 3
  • Carrot 6, green lettuce 4, green beans 3, brussels sprouts 3
  • Carrots 7, celery 5, endive 2, parsley 2
  • Carrot 9, celery 5, radishes 3
  • Carrot 6, Brussels sprouts 5, green beans 5
  • Carrot 8, asparagus 4, lettuce 4



It is the form of skin inflammation resulting from excessive acidification of the lymph glands.

It may also be due to the excretion of toxins that would otherwise have to be excreted by the kidney and intestine, or through the skin.

  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 7, celery 4, parsley 2, spinach 3
  • Carrot 10, red beet 3, cucumber 3
  • Spinach

Vein Inflammation – Phlebitis


It is an inflammation caused by excessive amounts of starch and pathological substances in the body.

  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 7, celery 4, parsley 2, spinach 3
  • Carrot 10, red beet 3, cucumber 3

Inflammation of the Stomach – Gastritis

holding stomach in pain

Gastritis occurs due to excessive gas formation in incorrect combinations of food ingestion.

It can be caused by all products made from flour, cereals, and sugar.

Alcohol is first on the list when talking about gastritis causes.

All kinds of spices can be responsible for such inconveniences as hot pepper, mustard, vinegar, tobacco, etc.

  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 7, celery 4, parsley 2, spinach 3
  • Spinach

A Headache

man having headache

A headache is your body warning you to thoroughly cleanse it, thus restoring the balance in the blood, and removing its excessive pressure on the head.

  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 7, celery 4, parsley 2, spinach 3
  • Carrot 10, red beet 3, cucumber 3
  • Carrot 8, lettuce 5, spinach 3
  • Spinach


man wiping nose

It is caused by excessive retention of body waste, and a waste of food in the body, which gives excellent opportunities for growth and feeding of pathogenic microorganisms.

The respiratory tract is primarily affected.

The disease is also marked by accompanying fever and depletion of the nervous system which cause a lot of weakness.

  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 7, celery 4, parsley 2, spinach 3
  • Carrot 10, red beet 3, cucumber 3
  • Carrot 8, celery 5, radishes 3
  • Carrot 8, lettuce 5, spinach 3
  • horseradish


man sitting on cactus

It is caused by clotting of the fibrin blood protein called fibrin in the ends of the veins in the lower part of the rectum.

We have it when we eat too much bread and other starchy and cereal foods.

We have to remove the toxins in the blood and change the nutrition.

Don’t forget to be active!

  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 7, celery 4, parsley 2, spinach 3
  • Carrot 8, spinach 4, turnip 2, watercress 2



It is a man’s inability to have intercourse.

Help yourself with the next options of juices:

  • Carrot
  • Carrot 10, red beet 3, cucumber 3
  • Carrot 7, apple 6, red beet 3
  • Carrot 9, celery 5, parsley 2
  • Carrot 9, red beet 3, lettuce 4
  • Carrot 12, parsley 4
  • Spinach


man holding his back

Sciatica is an inflammation of the thoracic nerve or muscles surrounding it. It occurs when you have too much uric acid in the body caused by the consumption of meat, milk food, and eggs – too much protein content of animal origin.

  • Carrot 10, red beet 3, cucumber 3
  • Carrot 10, spinach 6
  • Carrot 9, celery 5, parsley 2
  • Carrot 8, red beet 3, celery 5
  • Carrot 12, parsley 4

A Juice A Day Keeps The Disease Away

I introduced you to some juice cure list recipe examples that can help you to reduce or eliminate your health issues.

Diseases are a sign that our body has problems because we didn’t take care of it.

These vegetable juices can make a big difference in your life, so start juicing today.

Take care of your health and make a habit of drinking juices every day. This is a small but important step that you will be thankful for.

Bon appetit.

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Juice Cure List

If you didn’t find juices for your disease, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will give my best to help out.

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