How to Clean the Inside of a Gas Grill With Minimal Effort

removing gas grill heat shield

Grilling is fun but did you ever wonder what happens to all the grease and other food particles that fall under the grates? They build up inside and eventually can clog the burners.

What’s even worse, the grease will eventually burn itself onto the grill.

The burners will become less efficient and the whole grill will start to smell like old burned grease.

Nobody wants that.

This way you’ll ruin your entire barbeque party.

The best way to prevent this tragedy is by regular cleaning.

I’m not talking about just cleaning the grates but also what’s underneath them.

Here, I’ll show you how to clean the inside of a gas grill in 7 easy steps with minimal effort like a pro.

Some people assume that heat generated within the grill will kill all of the germs inside. That’s why they hardly commit to cleaning their grills but this could not be further from the truth.

Why Is It So Important To Clean The Inside Of A Gas Grill

filthy gas grill

When food is cooked, the heat generated usually burns the fats away and some of it usually settles on the grill to form a thick layer of grease.

Germs of all kinds find their way in this layer and this is one of the reasons why it is important to clean the inside of a grill on a regular basis.

I’m sure you don’t want to serve your guests contaminated food.

Other than harboring germs, the accumulated grease on the inside of your grill presents the risk of a fire.

Grease is flammable and it could blow up in your face and burn you together with the food.

So if you have not cleaned your grill in a while, you should know that you are not far away from starting a deadly fire.

A dirty grill is also not that pleasant to look at and this is another reason why you should clean it on a regular basis.

Dirt and grime also attract all manner of insects which could turn your grill into one ugly site.

With all of this said, let us now take a look at what you need to do to clean the inside of your grill.

The Best Way to Clean a Gas Grill

These are the 7 things that you need to do to clean your grill effectively.

  1. Cut off the Gas Supply
  2. Remove the Grates and Clean Them
  3. Clean the Burner Covers
  4. Clean the Burner/s
  5. Scrub the Bottom
  6. Clean the Bottom
  7. Put the Grill Back Together

1. Cut off the Gas Supply

Before you begin cleaning the grill, you first of all need to turn off the gas supply.

Inhaling the gas when you are washing the grill is quite harmful to your well-being and this is why you need to cut off the gas supply before you begin cleaning the gas grill.

2. Remove the Grates and Clean Them

cleaning gas grill grates with brush

Remove the grates and clean them.

Mix soap or vinegar and water and soak the grates (I use a spray bottle), then scrub.

Turn the grates over and repeat.

3. Clean the Burner Covers

gas grill heat shield

Clean them the same way as you did the grates.

4. Clean the Burner/s

cleaning gas grill burner

Check the burners to see if there are any particles burned.

These particles can clog the holes, making the burner less effective.

In this case, remove them with a toothpick, dental pick, needle, or a similarly sharp and tiny object.

5. Scrub and Clean the Bottom

gas grill bottom scrubbing

The bottom is just as important as the other parts.

Use a spatula or a metal scraper to scrub all of the food particles here and then vacuum.

After scraping, clean the bottom with soapy water.

Wipe gently with a sponge or towel.

Alternatively, you can use a hose or a pressure washer, if you have them.

7. Put the Grill Back Together

placing grates back on gas grill

Dry off the parts in the sun before putting the grill back together.

Once everything is in place, let the grill burn for some time to burn the soap from the surface.

Practical Example: How To Clean A Weber Gas Grill

You’ve mastered the steps, now let’s put them to the test.

Take a look at this video.

Here, every step is explained in detail. Compare the grill at the start of the video and at the end of it.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Even if your gas grill isn’t a Weber, the cleaning principle remains the same.

Tender Loving Care Goes a Long Way

Cleanliness is very important and this article highlights how to clean the inside of a grill.

Read this article in detail to master the art of TLC.

How often do you deep clean your gas grill?

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